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    The Benevolent Blessing Fund is something that our church has set up to help us with expenses we are facing. This fund will help us be able to pay for Zoe’s adoption and for the many costs involved with adoption (All that we need is $300!!! We are so grateful!!! ). God has placed this child in our home and we know that He will take care of the expenses and move in the hearts of His children to take part of this incredible journey of faith, hope and LOVE! Some of you have asked how you can help and if there is anything we need. And really the only thing that we need is finances to come through for expenses involving her adoption. We have applied for several adoption grants and have not heard back from any of them. But we know that God will provide for her in His timing! To contribute towards Zoe’s adoption costs. Just send a check to Treasuring Christ Church and designate “benevolent blessing” in the memo line and it will go directly towards Zoe’s Adoption Cost. Treasuring Christ Church P.O. Box 28958 Raleigh, NC 27611-8958 TCC_logo_colorRGB_web

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    I love Zoe's blog!! So sweet, just like her! It's so sweet to see pics of her w/ family!! The pics w/ her grandparents are just precious and will be special forever. I LOVE LOVE the smile w/ her tongue sticking out as she's in granddaddy's arms!! Love you!

    Oh goodness....these pictures just made me cry my eyes out. How sweet that God would allow Granddad and Grandmother to live to see their great-grandchildren. What an incredible blessing. These are great pictures and I can't wait to see more. You might need to post some of her "rubber ducky" pictures Bradley and I took of her during her bath in our sink (the modest ones anyway). We miss her and want her to come visit again soon. Love, Aunt Britt

    I'm still just blown away with how Jessica and Joel have grown! Goodness! Seeing the difference in John, Josh, and Jere (and you and Britt) it just isn't as shocking (I guess since I sort of grew up at the same time lol) it's just... when did it all happen??? I mean really!

    Wow - i love the new blog for zoey - I was trying to think of a word for it and I came up with "delicious!" How is that? All the pink and little birdies - so yummy!

    But I'm mad you were in Austin and I didn't know it! I used to run up to visit Britt when she was there - it only takes about 1.5 hours. I would have TOTALLY driven up - but I know that moment was about your family getting to know Zoe. Maybe next time?????

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