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July 20, 2010


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I am terrified of bugs and I always have been. It helps me to watch them on T.V. like the nature channel or some kids shows have bug shows that help me to get use to seeing them and learning more about them. You could also take her to a museum that has a exhibit where she can see them without them moving around.


Will and I had a big problem with Gresham, our third child, with his fear of thunderstorms. We had a talk with him about how God made the storms and so we don't have to fear them because if God made them and He is in control, no matter wha--things will be okay. He was very small at the time this was an issue (he's only just three now) and he is MUCH improved after our little "chat"! I would also encourage interest in bugs (within reason!) and that should help!

blessings, Larissa


I'm thinking that if I move back we should take a cake decorating class. I've always wanted to do it and it would be SO much more fun with you!


#9...right on. :)

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