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June 21, 2010


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Shannon White

I love your perspective! Well said. Your blog got recently added to my Reader list after seeing some images from a wedding one of my brides was a bridesmaid in.

If you ever want to hang out with a fellow photog mom {yeah I know you have your business partners} who has twins {just turned 2} and lots of experience with foster & adoption {3 adopted sisters & mom fostered 27 others} let me know. I'm in the Garner area.


I hope you and Dan can adopt this precious little boy...he so deserves to have parents like you.

Callaway, VA


Aw, Casey it is hard place that you are in..Jack's mom seems so disconnected from the whole situation.

Christie Russell

Casey... Thank You! Much Love and Lots of Prayers to the Giver & Protector of Jack's life!

Sylvia Basham

I don't know whether to smile or weep...or both. Thank you for the glimpses into your world.

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