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June 18, 2010


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Wow, these pics made me cry. I am so happy for you, your husband, Zoe and her birth mom! I'm sure it was a sad/happy visit. Thanks for sharing :)


The joy on all three of your faces overflows! I am so thankful God brought you "into my life" in this blog world, what a great example y'all are of how to live life well and abundantly! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

carrie armstrong

Oh Casey Girl,

I knew things went well but to see the pictures and hear all about this sweet woman, Wow. God is good( my exclamation point isn't working)What a blessing to have a realtionship with Zoe's bio Mom. Those are some sweet pics and Zoe will love having these one day. I am overwhelemed with God's grace and love in all of your lives and how He has brought you all together through your sweet baby girl.
Thanks for sharing.
Love you.

Jill Lengel

How absolutely precious. Putting your day into words had to have been really hard; to adequately describe the conflicting feelings going inside you took great work. THank you for sharing with all of us. It makes me think of Mary the Mother of Jesus and how it was written that "she pondered all of these things in her heart." Maybe that just sums it all up.

Jessica Jones

Tears come easily these days, but It feels good when they are tears of joy! "S" is beautiful, but she had to be for Zoe to be the cutey that she is! Outward beauty from her birth mom and beauty within learned from her mommy, you! Love you, girl!

Holly Smith

i swear you make me cry all the time and i just met you once...i love the pics but my favorite is the one of Zoe comparing her hair to "S's" are truly blessed by our Savior...i have a friend in the adpotion process as we speak and i am praying so hard for them to have a baby and a story just as awesome as yours..thanks for sharing your heart so you girl


As difficult as I know it was for you, my heart thanks your heart. :)

Julie Ferguson

I am not easily brought to tears but they just came up while reading this! This is absolutely beautiful! YOU are beautiful!! Our God is amazing and His grace and mercy show with these pictures!! I especially love the last photo!! You should write a book girl!!! Love you!!!


Girl, i just put on my makeup! i'll have to retouch before i leave. I love all the pics but especially this last pic! my heart could just explode with love for my God who provides the grace and mercy and love that this picture entails! He is amazing!

Angey Price

so beautiful!!!!! Thank you for "going there" and taking us w/ you!!! I am so so so so grateful for S and for God's amazing gift of Zoe!!! What a great story, and what a great God who's given it! Love you!!

Sylvia Basham

It's easy to see why Zoe is so beautiful....


I love this & your transparency Casey! The pictures are beautiful. So many precious moments captured that you're going to love showing Zoe again one day when she's able to fully understand. How precious these moments are. I'm glad you could dig deep today. It was a blessing to be allowed in to see & feel like I'm a part of. :)

Sheye Rosemeyer

So very beautiful.

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