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April 06, 2010


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ive always wanted to try mac makeup, ill have 2. one of our former students in ohio sells it, so i think she makes a little money off sales.. :)

ive always wanted a shootsac... maybe one day :)


I am SO with you on #10!!


I could absolutely create the same list, minus the exercauser. I would have to replace it with Happy Hour at Sonic :o) thats what keeps mine happy these days! Also, the Mac is a dream of mine. One fine day...

Were you just DYING staring at the caterpillars on my face the other day?!?!?! I think that I have forgotten that I even HAVE eyebrows for the past two years. I had a bad wax and, well, lets just say I am not so good with the tweezers. Ha!

I have envied your shootsac since last year, so I am going to write this one down for Christmas next year.

Talk to you soon.


and here are 10 reasons why we are friends :)love!!! you and the list!

Beth Gregory

lol i love your list i can soooo relate


Love it! I always get great ideas from these kind of posts ;)

Melissa Parnell

once my hair dryer dies on me i'm so getting that one you recommended.

and i will *have* to get some of those tweezers to tame my unibrow!

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