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February 09, 2010


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Hey! I love the idea of having lots of different sized frames and different styled frames on one wall! I hope one day I have a house where I can do that, and I hope that you will get some of your work up on your walls because you're a fantastic photographer!

I loved looking at the Alic in Wonderland party. I love her work. And party looked awesome! I wish I had the money, resources, and knew enough people to have a party like that :-)

I'm looking forward to your 111 post!

Melissa Pearce

Ok I so didn't read the whole post yet, but I read the first line and immediately remembered an old JC post about a mad hatter party-- and you had the link!! remember when JC was one of the only/first ones blogging?? I used to read her blog like an addiction. Well...I guess I still read it!
I will read the rest of your post now. I love you and would love to talk soon!!

cynthia Stuckey

Love the Random Thoughts, Casey!!

But, HEY-- what happened to 111 Tuesdays???? Haha, no pressure. I just want to cheer you on as I am on my own quest for smaller pants... I mean, BEING HEALTHY!!!!

Love ya girl!


I LOVE the mad hatter tea party!!!

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