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February 23, 2010


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With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.


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Awesome! Thanks for letting us meet your family!

sue reitter

I miss you all soooo much...i can't stop crying (happy, sentimental tears) are such a blessing to me, casey...i love you all like you're my own...

Janet Cissell

Casey, I loved hearing you talk about your family.
You and Dan have truly been a blessing to so many through all your trials and tribulations. I love reading your blogs and looking at all your pictures. Your story, has truly touched so many lives and what a wonderful witness it is to see what God is doing next!

Jessica Jones

I really enjoyed reading all about your family... my adopted family for soooo many years. "The Nichols"...I love you guys sooo much! I loved all the little quotes under the photes, so appropriate!


I love it and I love your family! I am so blessed to have married into the extended family and to have known you all. : )


What a beautiful entry, so sweet! :) I'm sure it was a blast growing up in such a big family!


Bradley is Brittany's husband. :o) He had to work the weekend of Jere's wedding so we were all missing him hugely!!!


Casey - that's amazing! Your family is amazing and especially your parents. question - who is Bradley? It said *missing Bradley*. Just curious :)

melissa pearce

I loved it. Thanks for sharing! I love the quotes.


i loved that! maybe i want more kids now.

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