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October 28, 2009


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Sweet Casey, I experience so much of the same fear, anxiety, and need for control as a mama that you do...and I can only imagine that losing your precious son multiplies those feelings and emotions. Please know every time I am praying myself through those moments (which unfortunately is daily), I will be praying for you as well. I absolutely cannot wait to see this new sweet little one's face!

Sharon Wilson

You both have the biggest heart and God is placing yet another precious child in your home to love and care for. I pray for you and Dan ~that God will continue to equip you emotionally, physically, spiritualy, and monetarily ...all that you need. May God bless! Love u both, Sharon


I was thinking of you this morning and wondering what the latest news was. Glad that you will be able to welcome this sweet baby boy into your home very soon! I will be praying for hearts that cling to God each second of the day. I was actually talking with friends this morning about what God has been teaching me lately about trust in Him. He stretched me and taught me soo much with all of Barrett's health problems this past year and I can attest to the grace that He gave me then and so I can hope knowing whatever the future holds that same grace will be there, but not for all the what if's I can play in my head that arent' reality, just for the moments that are real and I need them.
God has taught you so much..much through heart ache, but I know that if He has orchestrated this sweet little one to be in your home He is going to give you EVERYTHING you need to love and take care of that Baby to His Glory. Like Angela mentioned above what you pour into him now, even if it isn't permanent... God has sovereignly picked you and Dan for his little life now. You are God's perfect plan for him now. God knew that before this child was conceived! What an awesome blessing! Still a tough I will be praying for God's peace and new mercies each morning sweet friend as you face the days ahead with their MANY joys and struggles.

Love you and can't wait to put a name and face with this sweet baby boy! Give Zoe a little squeeze for me too!



So excited to see this new chapter in your life! God bless you, Dan, and Zoe! Our family is praying for you!

Angela Gilbreath

Wow Casey!
You amaze me with you willingness to be broken and poured out for the Lord. Living out your faith, loving those in need. That is what being a Christ follower is all about. Thank you for being willing to walk in faith. You are blessed among women to have 3 children entrusted to you in the past year and a half.

Larry and I will continue to pray for you and look forward to hearing how this little one is loved and nurtured in the Lord. Please let us know if you need anything.


Good morning friend. I just love the authentic heart in your writing. I am praying for you and for this little baby boy.

Reading your post about pouring into this little one, while risking that he may one day return to his birth parent(s) reminded me of Moses and his Mama. Although the situations is reveresed from yours, when Miriam was used to bring Moses back home "until he was weaned", it is thought that he spent only 3 years (at most) with his Hebrew family. However, those three years and all that his Hebrew family poured into him in that relatively short amount of time proved OH so valuable as he fulfilled God's purpose for his life.

Try to pour into him as the Lord would have you. In however long or short amount of time you have with him, you may be preparing this little one for a purpose greater than any of us could ever realize.

I am praying for you. I love you :o)

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