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September 04, 2009


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Abbey Cooler

Thank you for sharring that video. Though I cried and I held little Ava a little tighter before putting her down for a nap, it reminded me of holding my sweet precious nephew Tucker. I held him on December 16, 2004, he died at birth, due to cyst on the back of his brain. I held him and sang to him Jesus Loves You...knowing he was in the prescence of our amazing God. My brother and sister in law knew at their 20 week visit that Tucker would not survive...yet they chose to give life...even if just for a moment!

Abbey C


What a beautiful video. So hard to watch; was like, do I want to cry more this week? But so glad I did. Thanks for sharing, Casey :)


Donna Bennett shared your blog with me. Our son Ethan was born still in April. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can be brought to tears unexpectedly. Sometimes death can be such an isolating thing. Thank you for your honesty.


Thanks you for sharing this video, my great nephew also had trisomy 13 and lived 8 days. We were so thankful for his time on earth, because of his little life and the faith of his parents my father in law accepted Christ as his Savior along with many others whose lives were changed because of Elijah!



I moved beyond words by Thomas' story. Heaven is a much sweeter place...

My heart is heavy today. Thank you for sharing this sweet life with us.

Goodness, how I miss my Ava through watching these parents say goodbye.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus

~Amanda D

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