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June 05, 2009


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Jennifer Henderson

I'm Traci's cousin in Oregon, her dad is my precious and missed Uncle Bob. Thank you for your beautiful words. I LOVE these pictures of them, the family one is SO Abigail. I've seen that "are you serious?" look on her face many times.

I've followed your journey since your pregnancy with Asher; you've been in my prayers many many times and it makes me smile to see you happy and loving being a mommy to Asher and Zoe. God is good.

I hope to meet you this side of Heaven some day.

Jennifer Henderson

Melissa Deming

love the pics - wish we could get another family photo shoot with the great Casey Chappell.


beautiful families. wish you were closer, so we could have you take pictures for us :)

Angey Price

sweet pics! Love that glowy look on the Rafferties! Like the Campbells in the woods- gives really cool perspective! You rock!


So fun to see Seminary families... I know they enjoyed some of the great pics you got of their families:) And soo much fun to watch them grow, too:)


Such great pictures, as usual :)

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