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May 11, 2009


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Larissa Douglas

Casey! That baby just gets more gorgeous by the week! She takes my breath away! Looking at that squeezable body just begs to be hugged and kissed! I bet you two have some sweet times together! thanks for sharing her pictures!


What a beautiful post, and such testimony of God's love and grace flowing through you and your family's lives. Asher is beautiful, and so is Zoe. My how she has grown! :) She looks very happy.

I too have lost a child. Mine was at 12 weeks. However I will never forget to remember. I have two children now who have been such a blessing in our lives.

Please remember our daughter Jordan, who had scoliosis surgery Jan 23rd. She is still recovering, and God has done such a work in her life. We know it has been through so many prayers being lifted up on her behalf.

Blessings to you in Jesus name.

Angela Murray

This is beautiful Casey. You teach me so much about how I should mother my own children. Many times I have read your words and have been immediately shown dry, stale mindsets that I keep in my mind and need to weed out and replace with flourishing truth for their sake and my own.

You are a wise, wise Mama and both of your children (and the droves to come!) are blessed to have been placed in your arms.

donna b

zoe is getting so big and even more beautiful! happy mama's day!


Beautiful post Case. I admire you in so many ways. Love the pic of Zoe. She gets cuter everyday :)

Aunt Brittany

Happy Mother's Day sis!!! I am so proud of the mommy that you are. You are so good with Zoe and have taught me so much already about being a mom. I know this mother's day is bittersweet for many reasons, but I admire you for today's post about Asher. What a wonderful perspective you have about his life. You help me as I still struggle to accept what God planned for his short little life. I will never forget my sweet nephew. I will never forget his little hands that looked just like mine. I miss him everyday too.

Thank you for my card. I got it today. That was really sweet. I am going to put it in Kay-Kay's baby book.
I love you!

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