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March 13, 2009


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Sylvia Basham

Your writing is gift to so many, and yes, to even those of us who don't know you personally.

We have so many friends in common, though, so I'm sure we'll cross paths sometime in the future and I will be truly blessed.


I found your blog quite by know how it goes when you click on a friend of a friend of a friend...

But, then again, is anything ever really an accident? The Lord has used your thoughts to challenge me and I am thankful that you share your heart in this way.

Praying for your precious family...


Cynthia and Lance Stuckey

Thank you dear Casey, for continuing to share your journey with us. These are helpful and practical tips for those of us who want to be equipped to minister to a grieving loved one. The Lord continues to use you to bless all of us!

kari breed

thanks for sharing casey. i really really really enjoyed having you at BB study last night! thank you for your openness and honesty and Spirit led prayers. k


Losing a baby is losing the future, please check this resource if you have the inclination,


Casey, thank you so much for continuing to be so transparent and for writing such helpful things...things that some may be too timid to write or say! From experience, it's often hard for me to tell people what I need during times of sorrow, hardship, or grief and I'm grateful that you have done this "series" on what has helped (or not) you and what may help others who are experiencing grief. Your blog is what inspired me to start my tell our (my family's) story and hopefully minister to others and to show the love of Christ through it. I'm certainly not as good as you at opening myself up, but I do try and continue to grow in that way and I thank you for that!

Angey Price

This is so helpful and practical. Thanks for being so open and real with us. Love you hugely!

Sharon Wilson

Thank you for writing all of this.....I can never tell you how much the way you have shared your innermost thoughts have helped me with my grieving of my husband, my best friend. THANK YOU! I know that God is blessing you and Dan as HE also is blessing me, but our hearts are still so heavy with sadness. And even though I try to go on as I'm supposed to, it hurts so terribly bad. I've also learned through my time how much I need not forget how painful death is and try to be there for others when they experience "The Unkind Companion".


I was so happy to see your comment on my blog. It means alot to me! One way that God can use Asher's life through you is things like what you are writing in these posts. So often people dont know what to say when someone loses a child like this so I think it is the responsibility of those of us who have to share what helped us so that they will know what to say, do etc. I miss talking to you. Hope you are all feeling better. Love you!


Thank you for sharing that. Grief is such a hard yet strange thing to go through.

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