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March 11, 2009


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Pam Freeth

Beautiful pictures. The love is resonating from them! I am so happy for April and Tash! God knows what to send us to bring us around. :)

I got the pleasure of Holding and loving on Zoe last night when Judy brought her to the ladies meeting... She was so sweet and giggled when my daughter Jordan talked to her. It is wonderful how you share her with us all.


I can't get over how April's story has encouraged me. What a ragged "worm she was" just a few short months ago. A wretch just as we all started as. Now to see her making a much needed soft place to grow as her and Tash create a cocoon to mature in. I can't wait to see the beauty of the butterfly the Lord has created her to be!!!!!!! Very exciting process to witness! The Lord is so faithful to complete His good works in us and I am blessed to have this example to encourage me.


Hi Friend,

I was just thinking the other day about April and Tash and wondering how they are.
What sweet pics of the two of them. I will continue to pray that her heart would continue to soften to our Savior.


April looks so much better than she did! Praise God for the work he has already done in her and tash's life! Do you know any of HER personal needs? Not just Tash's but hers as well...clothes, shoes, hygeine products, etc.?

Jessica Jones

Wow! They both look so good. I will try to get a note out to her as soon as I can find my cards in the many moving boxes. Hope you are feeling better. Talk to you soon. Love ya!

Toni Reitter

looking at those pics it's amazing how it's already been two months and that she is doing so well - continuing to pray for her.

she really is very lovely.


I am so glad to hear they are doing well. How wonderful that she gets to have Tash there with her. God is so good. I will continue praying for them and I will also send her a little note.

Melissa Deming

hi Case! Wow - April and Tash look so good! I hope that things improve for them. I will try to send her a note after I finish with midterms. I don't have any advice to give her, but I can tell her I'm praying for her and share a Scripture verse that has been meaningful to me. And I loved the pics of little Zoe in the last post. She is just growing so fast and looks so beautiful.

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