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February 03, 2009


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Julie Lane

Wow Casey ... she's getting even more beautiful!


Too cute!!!! I just want to wrap her up and kiss her! Can't wait to meet her.

Toni Reitter

Good job, JoJo! (yeah he's forever JoJo to me!)

Great to see some of the Nichols Clan... I'm thinking torturing A.D. Nichols is next ;) I miss all of you so much!

and Zoe is such a little princess. I hope the onsie I'm sending is going to be big enough! Yikes!

Melissa Deming

1. what a cute video!
2. what a cute baby!
3. what a cute haircut on Jess!

ps - I almost cried when zoe cried for daddy! so cute!

lindsey brogli

hope you had a fun trip! how did you survive on a plane with zoe by yourself? kenna and i have to fly to florida without matt this week and i'm a bit apprehensive...

Jessica Jones

She's getting so big and beautiful. I know her Daddy is missin' her! Give my love to your family. Talk to you soon.

Casey Chappell

Love It! I miss my girls so much........ Great Job Joel (nice song choice).


I just posted but I guess it didnt work?!?! Anyway I said how adorable Zoe is and that you are beautiful as always :0) I am glad your having a good visit. Sorry if I leave two comments?!?!


very sweet! Zoe is so precious. And you are beautiful. As always :0) Glad your having a good visit!

Amy Hudson

It was so nice to meet you the other day Casey and Zoe!


cutie! good job Joel!

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