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February 23, 2009


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oh casey, I remember feeling exactly the way you do. One day, Finding Nemo came on television, and the tears started to flow and I couldn't stop. That would have seemed silly to me a few years earlier, but my pain was so right on the surface and raw, it just spilled right out. Just to let you know it is so normal! My brain was foggy also, and everything seem to make me tired. You take your time, feel every bit of this...i love you, hope to see you sunday nite and give you a big hug!

Kimberly Edmondson

Casey , please know that you do not suffer your loss alone. Your friends even blog friends that you have yet to meet think of you and pray for you and Dan daily to help ease the pain. Zoe can not replace precious Asher but I honestly believe that God gave her to you to help ease your grief and pain and in a strange way unbeknownst to you helps to comfort and minister to people like me that only know you and Dan through your blog and mutual friends. I Love you and am glad that you have been brought into my life. Asher will always be with me in my heart too. That sweet and precious baby touched my life in ways that I can't even explain to myself let alone to you. Only God knows. I hope that you have a good day with baby Zoe. Give her smooches from me and when you look at her SMILE a big Smile and know that she is a special angel sent to you from another angel and our heavenly father.


I have found that I feel the same way about scripture sometimes when I grieve. But my grief is different than yours. Isn't that weird that we can grieve differently and for different things (people) but react very similarly? I am praying for you Casey and hoping that you will one day be able to truly lay this grief down.


I think of you everyday Casey. I hope as time goes by things will get easier but I know you will have hard days forever. I am so glad you and Dan are able to get each other through this. Big hugs to you. I am always here if you need to talk.

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