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January 06, 2009


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Wow! God is Good!!

Larry and I have been praying for you, Dan, April and Tash. We are so happy he seems to be doing so well. That in itself is an answer to prayers. May the love of a Mother's heart and the power of the Holy Spirit allow April to turn away from the empty life she lives and turn to her Loving God.

Please keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Love you!

Tiffany Morris

I continue to pray for your friend and Tash! He is a cute baby! I hope maybe this will open her eyes to what she has to do as a Mother. I'm praying very hard for her!

Hugs - Tiffany


I am praying for Tash and April. Also for the people she will come in contact with at the hospital. Thanks for the update.

kari breed

going to pray right now! perhaps a night alone in that room with Tash... without the negative influence of others...with lots of people praying...perhaps the Spirit will move. ;) love yall!


Praise God for little Tash's life! We will continue to pray for April and the baby as well as you and Dan as you seek to minister to them. He is one cute little boy!


Im so glad to hear Tash and April are doing well.. and he is ok. We will continue to keep her and him in our prayers.. and you!!

Melissa Deming

hi - I've been wondering when April would have her baby - I read your updates about Christmas and thought maybe the baby would come soon. Keep us posted on what events transpire.

We loved seeing you at Christmas. It was such a joy to spend a little bit of time with you and then to share a cup of joe together like old times. The old Study Group is alive and well! :)


I'm a friend of Samantha Maxwell and I've been following your blog since right before the adoption of your beautiful little Zoe.
My family and I have been working with a single mother who seems to be in a quite similar situation to April. The rewards aren't always apparent, but the work you are doing is for the Lord. Whether or not you see the desired changes in April (or even in little Tash for that matter) your work is not in vain.
Thank you for your witness on this blog! Samantha should be delivering something from me to little Zoe soon. Your story has really touched me!

Pam Freeth

What a beautiful baby Boy! I pray that April does leave the streets and finds a way to take care of her baby boy. Knowing that you are there and she trusts you is a huge comfort... I beleive that God has put you there to help them. Thank you for sharing your stories and helping those who are lost. Tell April we are praying for her!


Wow!!! What a beautiful baby and what an amazing blessing for him to be apparently healthy! We are praying praying praying for safety and health for both Tash and April. Thank you for being such a angel to both!

Toni Reitter

what a sweet little boy! praying this situation is figured out quickly and God's hand is shown very evidently through it all. Praying above all that His will is done, and that April turns and becomes the best mother this little guy could ever have.

You and Dan are so giving to these people, and even though you don't hear them speak appreciation, I know your rewards are not of this earth anyway! *hugs*

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