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January 10, 2009


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J Dominey

I want to cry with her. How empty her arms must feel right now. Can hardly bare it.

Pam Freeth

I think it is wonderful what you are doing Casey. Will April get vistation any time soon? She is making the first steps. Your help and pictures will be huge in her recovery but I agree there is no healing like GOD's healing. I hope she seeks HIM and rests in HIS promises.


Hi Casey,

Those pictures tore at my heart...I sure hope April will want to do this treatment and get her life straight so she can make a home for this precious gift from God. Thank God for friends like you...

kari breed

wow. rest well, my friend!


Wow Friend!

You and April have had a long few days!! You are hands and feet physically and continually sharing God's love with this precious woman and her baby! Keep perservering friend! Praying for Apirl's stone heart to soften and for her to see her need for Jesus! Praying that you will keep having good sleep so that you can minister to your own sweet family and April!
Love you!


Our prayers will continue to be for April and Tash. May the love of a mother's heart overcome the desire for drugs and the lifestyle that she is used to. May the Healer of Souls have mercy on her and open her eyes to the power of the cross

Thank you for loving her and showing her Christ's love. I'm sure you're exahusted. We will pray for your strenght and perservance as you continue to walk through these trials with her. You are doing a great job. Thank you for being the feet, hands, and heart of Christ to April.

Plesae keep us posted.

Melissa Deming

what a roller coaster! we're praying for April to be reunited with Tash when the time is right. Be sure to take care of yourself too Casey! Vitamins, sleep, etc. Zoe needs a healthy mommy! :)

What an amazing ministry you have. This blog should be turned into a book!


I am glad things are finally somewhat "settled". I will continue to pray for April and Tash. Please let her know there are lots of people that believe in her.


oh I am crying out in prayer for April and God's little boy he sent to her. I could only think of the Lord there with His arm around April as she wept while He caught every tear. Her pain and His healing. For now I praise Him that she is searching for healing and I also pray she discovers the Healer. Praying for complete healing: body, mind and spirit.

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