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January 24, 2009


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Selma Lee

Casey...little Zoe is beautiful and I love watching her grow!! We are hoping to get to meet her when you guys come to Texas. Your Dad mentioned maybe the two of you would have the opportunity to come to Abilene with him. I also think what you are doing for April is wonderful. What a blessing for her that someone cares!

Larissa Douglas

If you are really looking for an active boy....I have three! HA!! Just Kidding! Beautiful pictures!


that is one seriously beautiful baby...and i love the one of her staring at her mama :)


she is so serious :0) Staring at her mama intently! I miss hearing from you. I hope things will slow down for you and we will be able to talk again more often. Big hugs! I think of you guys everyday.


Love the pics of Zoe....she is changing with every new picture you post! Speaking of good intentions....lets try for like the 3rd time to get together...I think we are finally on the up and up and with all of our sickness.....I will e-mail you and hopefully we can pick a date and actually keep it Lord willing...I do mean that! God's plans are not always ours!
Love you!


I love reading your blog, you are very encouraging and also prayed for often by my family. I love the picture of you and Zoe, it's so sweet, thanks for sharing.

donna b

zoe is SO SWEET!! great pics.

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