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December 02, 2008


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Jessica Jones

Oh my goodness! She is absolutely beautiful. I want to just kiss her little cheeks. I am overjoyed for you and Dan and I am excited for little Zoe and the the great parents that she will have. What an awesome gift. We love you guys and will be praying for you in the adjustment of having a newborn in your home. Let me know if you need anything. I'm here for you, girl. Love ya, Jess

Julie Miles

Congratulations Casey and Dan! I think you win the "best Christmas present" award this year! Despite your loss this summer, you have both stood firm and continued to trust God and He has now blessed you with a new child to love and care for and it couldn't have happened at a better time of the year! We're so excited for your new addition this Christmas season!


Julie, Dan and Ethan Miles

Pamela Boudah

God is Awesome!
We are so excited for you with the additon of baby Zoe.
Jeremy came home from NRCA so excited to be able to help you in adopting a baby. Then he didn't know anymore.... So then I got on your blog and I burst into tears of joy when I read your blog of God's divine plan for growing your family. Grace saw me crying (actually bawling my eyes out) and I was able to share how I cried tears of joy the day God brought her into our family. She is so excited to have a friend with her skin color and hear about baby Zoe's adoption story.
We have always shared with our children that God is the creator of all things and grows some families by their hearts. God has certainly enlarged and prepared your your hearts for baby Zoe during the last few months.
We will continue to pray for a spirit and mantle of peace and strength for you during next 7 days. Continue to trust in the Lord and lean on him. Rest, relax, and breathe in the Spirit of the Living God during this precious and joyous time of your lives.

The Boudahs
Pamela, Dan, Jeremy, and Grace

Christy Campbell

SOOOO excited for you guys! She is beautiful and we hope to meet her soon! Love you guys! The Campbells

Bob Winstead

Praise God!!!
What a wonderful way to begin a new fresh year. We are so happy for you guys and can't wait to be part of Miss Zoe's life.

How soon can we get her in her NRCA Cheerleading uniform????????

We love you

The Winstead's
Bob, Amy, Hunter, Peyton, & Brock

Stacey McLeod

I stand amazed. So beautiful....I know your heart must be about to burst!

God is awesome.

Leslie Stanton

Tears of joy in my eyes! I can't help but think what a blessing you are to Zoe's birth mother and how, at the same time her selflessness is blessing your life, your gentleness and care for her in this time is certainly a huge blessing to her and will hopefully be a great comfort and encouragement to her in this time. Praying all the details continue to fall into place in perfect timing.


Wow Casey. What a blessing that you are able to share this time with Zoe's mom. I hope she can truly see how wonderful you and Dan are and how much you will and already do love her little girl. I am praying for you guys. Thanks for being so good about keeping us updated.

Toni Reitter

she is so sweet and is gonna be a daddy's girl, she's already got him wrapped around her little fingers... Dan is in trouble! LOL

Dee Dee Rauscher

She is beautiful!
We are excited for you! And thanking God and praying for this transition, that all goes great!

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