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December 25, 2008


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Your ring is so beautiful and what a special gift to remember Asher by! I never told you, but in all the craziness and probably the influence of medications too, I lost my engagement ring! I have cried and searched to no avail. It's especially sad to me because Grant wore that ring on his foot and I'm so mad at myself for losing it. It was too tight all during the pregnancy and so I went to try it on the end of August and it was still too tight so I set it down but can't remember where.
Anyway, Kris said if we don't find it, someday he will get me another one- but of course it will never be the same as the one I lost. The story of my life!

How was your Christmas? I have yet to check out your NYC pics you posted on FB. Will do that soon though.

Great to see the pretty pics of Zoe! She is so sweet!

Love to you all!



Love this - "So while Heaven worships and Earth Groans..... Let both Heaven AND Nature Sing for the Hope that is already ours!"
Love your tree and the meaning behind it!!
Love you!


Hi Friends!

Thanks for sharing about your Christmas! Still in awe when I think of our Saviors entry into this world!

Zoe is filling out and soo sweet! I love the ring in honor of Asher, so pretty!

Wondering if your friends came by yesterday, was thinking of you and hoping and praying they did!


what a great idea. I love your tree!!

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