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December 12, 2008


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Melissa Deming

So beautiful! Yes, they figure out things really quickly! If I cry, I'll get picked up! But enjoy it while you can...this phase passes so quickly and before you know it they are squirming and you can't cuddle anymore! So I say, Cuddle away Casey!!!!

Jessica Jones

Look at those gorgeous eyes! They are captivating. She'll be a good little model for photography. Love you girl!

Ginger DeBusk

She is absolutely beautiful. I know you are having so much fun with her. Congratulations again!

Jen Amis

I am so happy for you, I know you have suddenly become a very busy woman, and loving every minute of it. She is so Beautiful. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, and that you are happy aand safe.
Love, Jen


She is precious and beautiful!

Christy Campbell

So, I'm wondering, can we go ahead and settle on a dowry now? I've got a boy who'll be needing a wife in about 20 years- what do you think? It would make for some fun in-law Christmases. I don't mind sharing grandbabies with you guys!?!

Angey Price

Love her!!! Love you!!

Larissa Douglas

aren't girls just so amazing?! I think your daughter is simply beautiful!! Loving the dark eyes!

Tiffany Morris

What AWESOME pictures! Isn't that cute how they figure that out at such a young age? :) That's sweet though!

Big Hugs to you and baby Zoe!

donna b

so i just keep checking your blog b/c i can't get enough of that sweet zoe face! love her!


What a beautiful little doll she is. So bright eyed!

Aunt Sue

OH! those beautiful BIG eyes! And the sleeping pose is just precious. Aunt Sue Say HI! to your mom and Tony.


she is beautiful. glad you are enjoying being her mommy :) having a daughter is wonderful!



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