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November 12, 2008


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These photos are so sweet and precious. I think of my poor mother-in-law who lost her last and final child (a son named Tommy) when he was right about at his due date. Those so many years ago, she was encouraged to not see her son, to not hold her son, to not remember him the way he looked but to imagine him the way she wanted him to have looked. It is something that she does not mention much but I know still troubles her some 30 years later. I am so glad you and your family and friends loved on Asher and have the photos to cherish for many years to come.

Mom and Dad

I wouldn't give anything for those special moments we shared in August.Giving him up was so hard but because you shared him with all of us we will always have beautiful memories of his short life. It was a hard but beautiful time!I am so thankful for all the family and friends that were there to share this special time together. The songs we sang, the prayers that went up all through those hours were such a blessing to so many.When Dan came walking down the hall with him in his arms the pride was there as if he was breathing. Such a precious beautiful little boy!
We will always love him! We love you both for letting God be in control of all this and sharing His strength with so many people.

We love you,
Mom an Dad
Grandma and Grandpa


The photos itself are so powerful... add what you said and its just incredible...
I dont get a chance to read many blogs these days... but yours is always very powerful and convicting at times.
I think as a mother we sometimes take our kids for granted... Im to blame for that... but when we think of how precious life is we really begin to realize how important every day is with our kids... every minute.

They really are a blessing... I had a friend who lost her 2nd child when he was around age 6... car accident. Seeing you and her go through this sort of loss just shows me the great strength God gives us.

We could never do it without him.

Thanks for sharing!

Jon and Julie Ferguson

I am so amazed! You are such an encouragement to us all. You and Dan so show God's grace all over you! We continue to pray for you both. I love the beautiful pictures that you continue to share. This was such a vulnerable, personal time and yet you have chosen to share this moment with us all. For this I thank you! Asher Daniel has touched more lives in his short little life here on Earth than many of us will during our entire lives! God is so good!! His Grace continues to amaze me!

nicole wilson

such a sweet post. thanks for sharing more of the photos of the night we were there. so precious.


This is healing. Much love to you and Dan.


Thank you for sharing these touching pictures, Asher is a handsome angel, and he is loved by all. One of my favorite songs is "Because He Lives", and oh yes, Casey, Because He Lives, WE can face tomorrow. You and Dan continue to be in my prayers...and thank you again for sharing the pictures...and your heart.


I am so glad you shared those. I am crying and I have never even met you. I cannot for one second imagine what you went through that day. I have enjoyed so much being able to pray for you and Dan and walk with you in a small way through this. Asher was so handsome. You are so right that the only way you can make it through this, is knowing that God has a reason. All of this suffering is not for nothing. I hope you know how much I care for your family, even if we havent met in the flesh.

tiffany Flamm

oh casey, these pictures are so beautiful...your son is just so tiny, fragile, soft and SO loved. the emotion shows a family grieving but also a child that was adored. precious. i am crying with you all...and i cannot wait to see little asher one day in Heaven. i just cannot stop looking at him........his hair (i love his hair!), his tiny hands and the peace on his beautiful face.
thank you for sharing your son with me.


These pictures are the epitome of this song:
I can hear the brush of angel's wings
I see glory on each (precious) face.
Sure the presence of the Lord was in that place.

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