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November 03, 2008


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Jen Rucker

I love you and your strength! Please know I pray for you and Dan and little Asher.


Thanks for sharing these pictures, Casey. Asher's marker is beautiful. I can't tell you how hard/healing my visits with Felicity and the Lord are there.

My heart still breaks for you.


The pictures say it all. Beautiful spot here on this fading earth, and small glimpses of the beauty that he is now experiencing with God. Til we meet again.

Niki Bell

Casey & Dan,
What a beautiful setting for a beautiful little soul.
You are in our thoughts daily,
Niki and John Bell

Amanda Marble-Walker

Casey & Dan...
It's bitterly beautiful. I cannot imagine the feelings of finality that crashed upon you when you first laid your eyes on it... I am again, so sorry.
Much love to you both...

Katie Williams

Oh sweet Casey...i mourn with you. his headstone is beautiful. i can't imagine...God be with you as you sleep tonight....peaceful dreams. katie

Tiffany Morris

Casey... only knowing you and your blog for a short time I'm so moved by what you have gone through! Maybe it's having an O Baby myself. Once again I'm so sorry for your loss. What beautiful pictures and an amazing/beautiful place for Asher to peacefully rest. I cried when I read through your entire blog... as I am crying now! I'm lost for words! You are an amazing and strong person!

Big Hugs to you!


How beautiful Casey. I love the simple yellow roses.

Bonnie Horton

Thank you for the photos and the chance to continue to grieve with you. I would love to come visit and see Asher's resting place. I can't express to you how much God has impressed on me the urgency of fighting for life and being an advocate for the unborn, whether they be wanted or unwanted. Asher's resting place is a beautiful reminder. I love you!


Hello Casey,

Isn't it ironic that an angel is above Asher's one of your pictures? I share in your grief, seeing their name in stone...makes it so final, even though we know, it's not...we will see our loved ones again. I do remember seeing my Mom's stone for the first's hard. I pray that God will give you continued comfort during your time of grief.


Angey Price

Though I love fall and it is my favorite time of year, I often wonder why the very things that are so beautiful can be pictures of death. The leaves of the trees are dying, and are about to fall off, yet they are so colorful and beautiful. These pictures reflect so much of the beauty of fall, yet they remind us of death- Asher's death, the others buried there, and nature itself. The cemetery is beautiful, Asher's gravestone is even beautiful, yet it fills us with sadness. I'm not really sure what my point is, just some thoughts.
I love you, Case. Wish I could have been there to cry with you.

sarah brown

dear, sweet friend... I am without words... aching with tears falling on my keyboard... I wish I could comfort you... I am begging God to be tender and intimate towards you.

Toni Reitter

very beautiful... *hugs* I love you, Case!

Dee Dee

It's beautiful, Casey.

Sharon Wilson

Casey & Dan,
I know what you are talking about, as I'm sure there are others that know as well. When I go to Charlie's grave, it's like I relive the day that he passed, but yet I know it's only a symbol here on earth. For as Christians, we know that life is only a journey, not a destination. Heaven is our goal, and my Charlie and your Asher just went ahead of us. I know that you heart still hurts cause mine does too - in a different kind of way I'm sure. You continue to be in my thoughts!
Love u, Sharon


It did turn out so beautiful. I cannot imagine the feelings you had going through you when you saw it. I am praying for you and Dan daily and think about you guys constantly. I understand about not being able to explain all of the thoughts and emotions you are having. I wish I could give you a hug. Take care of yourself!

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