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November 16, 2008


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Amanda Willis

Wow Casey, This is a powerful post. I have felt this way so much with my family. This post was good for me to know that I am not the only one who ever feels this way. I thought the parallel you gave to our own hearts as lost people was incredibly convicting. I am impressed by your pursuit of Christ over the past few months. I love the music on your blog btw. Take Care Casey, Amanda


It was so nice to meet you in person yesterday! I know you had an emotional day with everything you did for April and seeing her reaction...your husband is so wise! Keep looking to Jesus Casey!

Have a happy Monday.

In Christ,
Hilary Forrest

Tiffany Morris

My heart breaks for people like that. It's like they just want the hand-out and then they go on searching for the next one. I pray so hard for people like that everyday. It breaks my heart when working at our church on Friday nights. The service is called Celebrate Recovery... and it's recovering everything. Taking care of those kids makes me go home and be grateful for what I do have. But, loving them the 2 hours that they are there is so rewarding!

Big Hugs to you!
Tiffany Morris


When I think of how many times I (in all my "righteousness") have thrown my hands up in disbelief over the sin of the lost in my life, as if my sin--the sin of a believer--is somehow cleaner or more acceptable in His eyes. Geesh.

I am praying for you to not grow weary in your well-doing, friend. I, truly, believe the Lord has made you His frontline soldier in the battle for April's heart and the heart of her baby. Praying you into some extra armor today!!

God bless you! OH, and...

You have been tagged!


Reading this post breaks my does make you wonder how people can steal, when we as Christians open ourselves up to them, to give to them what they need. It's so sad to know people are so far away from our Lord. It makes you feel like you were personally robbed...I do hope the seeds you are planting for April, will soon, take root, and start to grow. Keep up the good work, Casey. We will keep praying that God will convict April's heart...and that she'll soon want a personal relationship with Him.


Oh, Casey, I have felt this way many times before! With my unsaved family just taking, taking my time, energy, whatever they can get for free, but don't want to talk about God, the gospel church or anything else. Or just church members who only come to free stuff (dinners, party on the block) but don't show up for bible studies, work days, nursery, teaching. Or the man we bought food for and then found out he was scamming people and my foster daughter's mother we have invited her in our home, birthdays, taken her out for lunch and we get no thanks just complaints about what we are doing with her daughter. It has made me mad, sad, wanting to withhold, ignore and avoid. And I so want to be different in this area, so I keep quoting to love my enemies, (even though some of these people aren't they become that in my mind) and that it is my job to love, give with no expectation of return, to be kind, to look at the log in my own eye. And it is God's doing to change their hearts, so that all said, your transparency is refreshing and I am fighting with you for these souls.


Thanks for posting this! I really needed that. Love ya!


Oh man, this reminds me of so many endeavors my Lord has lead me to participate in. So many Christmas tree Angels and Out reaches through church that I get so pumped up for the chance to share God's love and the gospel and like one breath blowing out a candle my hopefulness becomes aggravation and disappointment. I hate to think how many times I have caused those exact emotions in my Father God. But like the song says, "Don't let Satan 'whew' it out, I'm gonna let it shine, let shine, let it shine." You keep letting His light shine in you Casey.


I'm sorry things didnt go as you had hoped. But be glad her little one got a meal today! What Dan said really puts things into perspective. Thanks for sharing that.

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