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October 14, 2008


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You, lassie...(gena shakes head, smiles and lets out a sigh) are one of my life heroes...even more today than you were yesterday, if that is possible. i fear you underestimate (or are totally oblivious to) the impact you are having on each of our lives as you make mac-n-cheese and type. you make me want to SPRINT after Him. you make me want to 'bank on his promises'. thank you baby girl. i love you! g

Elizabeth Cooper

What a hope you are for this woman even if she doesn't know it! I know the Lord is using you in this situation! A thought did occur to me about her moods though. Besides the fact that she's pregnant and probably is sensitive anyway from the hormones, many many homeless people go years with undiagnosed mental illness. It is a possibility that this is the case I suppose...just a thought! I'm praying for you and for April!


I could not remember her name, but have been praying for her, knowing that the Lord knew exactly who I was speaking about. I am grateful that she finds refuge with you. Even if she is high, she is coming to you for some reason. She is seeing God in you, even if she doesn't yet know that is what is drawing her to you.

I don't know what her life was like before, but if my child were on the streets I would be PRAYING for someone to bring them in for mac-n-cheese!! God bless you.

I will be praying for April with you. Do you know how far along she is? If she isn't prepared, physically or mentally, for this baby's arrival, you may be the one who gets that frantic call or knock on the door when she faces the reality of labor.

~Praying wisdom and strength for you, friend. It was so,so, SO great to meet you on Sunday!


What an amazing (& difficult) ministry! I will be praying for you - for your relationship with April as well as peace and comfort for you.


I will continue to pray for April and also to pray for the Lord's guidance for you and Dan.


Oh Casey, I'll be praying for words you can speak and a tone that can reach and that the Holy Spirit will hover over you both in EVERY conversation and Every interaction. I know the Lord will give you all you need to do His perfect will.

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