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September 19, 2008


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Amber Greenlees

Isn't God awesome! There is no detail too small for Him to care about. He showed His love to you that day through a figurine. So small a gesture of such a BIG love. He loves you, Dan and Asher. I love you and I am praying for you still.

Melissa Parnell

I was just thinking about you guys this morning. I'm praying for you and grieving with you.


Stacey McLeod

Hi Casey.

I am so glad that you are willing to open your heart and pour out your innermost thoughts to us- a group of friends and strangers who somehow through this blog have grown to love you and sorrow with you and long for heaven so we can see Asher again too!
Your posts and the links you have on the side have really helped me to know how to better come alongside grieving friends and walk with them. I appreciate your honesty.
Praying for you and your whole family,

Mrs. H

Oh, I love that figurine. (I may just have to look for one of those for myself). The thing that stands out for me, during my very-similar experience - is my reliance on that hope... hope of all you just described. My hope, my faith, in the One that both gives and takes away, continues to heal the hole in my heart.
I can imagine the sorrow and, yes, even anger of that moment. Thank you for being so real and transparent. Praying for you and all mommies of in-heaven babies...

Angey Price

My eyes are filled w/ tears as I read this post and remember that day. I'm hoping with you!!


You speak my heart so perfectly! I love you and continue to pray for you guys. I hope heaven is full of balloons! I can see Asher and Carter right now playing with their colored balloons running and playing and talking Jesus's ear off about how much fun they are having! Can you see them? What a beautiful picture.

Elizabeth Cooper

Oh, Casey. My heart aches for you and Dan. The photographs are beautiful. Think if your family and husband are understanding of your feelings how much more understand our Lord and Savior is. He understands your anger, hurt, and grief like no other can. It's ok to yell, to cry out in your pain. You WILL be comforted. Keep clinging to that hope.

Pam Freeth

(((Casey))) With you in thought and prayer everyday for peace and purpose. Its hard to feel purpose when you are grieving and you imagine your days should be different right now then they are. We can know the truth in our minds but the heart doesnt always cooperate does it? All that you feel is ok and it doesnt take anything away. You have a relationship with God so share your feelings with Him. Anger, Hurt, Grief as you are doing. You will be comforted. Keep sharing because it does help.

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