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September 05, 2008


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Sarah Iseley

Hi Casey,

I'm a friend of Kathryn Rose's and I visit your site regularly. I think if you all often and pray for you.

One book that I read this summer after losing a baby in the first trimester (after a nearly 2 year battle with infertility) is called A Grace Disguised, and is by Jerry Sittser. It really meant a lot to me and spoke to my heart. This guy lost his mom, daughter, and wife in a car accident at one time and rather than focus on his story, he talks about how he walked through the pain and how God met him in it. I totally reccomend it.

Blessings to you both...

Larissa Douglas

When this latest pregnancy began to get very physically hard and painful, i began reading the bruised reed by richard sibbes. he has such a pastor's heart and a deep understanding that even in our tough times He is showing us so much grace. I highly recommend it!!



Not that this is even remotely the same thing, but when I was told I couldn't have children, the Lord really impressed upon me how this "loss" was a sanctifying experience in my life, and it became clear that I was called to motherhood through a different path with its own issues to work through. Books that helped me to solidify and rejoice in that knowledge and new beginning were not even really about loss. Chapter 12 from Ryles "Holiness" increased my faith and showed me that there was so much more faith in Christ to be developed. The Intriduction to Jerry Bridges' Disciplines of Grace about preaching the Godpel to myself was fantastic. The chapter "My Redeemer Livith from Spurgeon's All of Grace is wonderful, too. And The Valley of VIsion helped me find words when I didn't have any.

Our God has done great things, and great things are still come. That's part of my prayer for you today.

kari breed

The Hidden Smile of God, by Piper. Tells of the fruit of affliction in the lives of three godly men- John Bunyan, William Cowper, and David Brainerd. Let me know if you want to borrow. We have 2 copies.

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