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August 01, 2008


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Amber Greenlees

I will be fasting and praying on your behalf tomorrow, monday the 4th. I love you all. God is awesome and He is able! Praise Him!

Sandra Peoples

We live near a church that has bells that ring every 15 minutes. Every time I hear them tomorrow I will say a prayer for you guys!

Sara Wulbecker Hess

Adam and I will be praying with you here. Thanking God for what He's about to do! Love you guys- Sara


Hey Yall! Know that I love you and miss you guys so much. I keep up with your blog daily and will be pleading for God's Glory with you on Monday, even from all the way on this side of the ocean!! Wish i could be there just to give you big big hugs right now. Allison


Chappell Family,
We are praying for you regularly. Mac and I will be doing battle on our knees as a family for you.. especially tomorrow. I am sitting here with tears as I read your Prayer of Hannah article. I have been amazed and encouraged by your faith and strength that you have found in God's Grace. With tons of prayer going in your behalf,
Dawn and Mac Gunnels

nicole wilson

love you both...


You will definintly be in my prayers. Big hugs!!

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