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August 06, 2008


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Jessica Goforth Francis

Just now hearing the news...Casey! I've prayed so hard for you and that precious little boy!!! I wish you could meet my brother and his wife and their little William. He was born 18 weeks premature at only 1 lb. and 4 oz. Every complication known to happen to the severely premature happened to that poor little boy! The doctors repeatedly advised taking him off life support saying he would be a vegetable if he lived. But they fought as you guys are doing! Yet they pressed harder. Because they had no insurance the hospital called a special ethics board to review his case and asked social services to step in and legally remove him from his parents care so THEY could pull the plug on him!!! Needless to say they met with some pretty big attorneys who ended that discussion!! To make a long story short, my precious little nephew is now 7 years old and swallows his own food and drink, laughs and expresses emotions, knows his parents and lights up when his Grandpa comes into the room. No he will never walk or talk, or score any home runs but he completely lights up our lives and is a total delight! And he is hardly by definition a "vegetable"!! Those doctors were so wrong about him and we along with his 3 little brothers are so proud to have him around! His life was soooo worth fighting for!! So kudos to you for taking a stand for life!! I love you, Girl!

sheila bierdeman

I am delighted with God and all His surprises and mercies! He is a Master Designer and wonderful Creator! He isn't finished with this little miracle yet...when He is, we will see a tiny person that He is very pleased with and proud of! How exciting to get such wonderful news! We won't quit praying for Asher and praising our wonderful creative God! Can't wait to meet the little guy! Love to all, Sheila

Leslie Stanton

Congratulations on a son! Praising God with you for an encouraging preliminary report. God is so good! Continuing to pray for God's strength and wisdom for each day....and for more good news in the days ahead.


Love your profile song...Travis Cottrell's sister is one of my dear friends...Their family is originally from Boone, NC, near where we used to live in western NC...he's awesome and genuine!

Your page is a blessing! Very happy for your great report!

Dee Dee Rauscher

We are ecstatic to hear that things look good. Praying that the final results will be very encouraging as well. We've been following your page & continue to pray for you two and your little son.
(Ben's mom & sisters)


cant wait to see pictures of asher's room :)

Jackie Reece

WHAT A AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!!!!! We will keep praying for all of you and just let God stay in control. Remember Asher is God's child and he will watch over him. We love you guys.

Jeff and Jackie


yay for blue!!! I like the new layout! I am sure knowing that it's a boy has been motivating!! Don't you overdo it pregnant mommy!!

Renata Dean

PRAISE THE LORD!!! We're still lifting you all up to the Lord, but we are so thankful for this great news!!


Praise God!! I have been so encouraged reading your blog. Know that I have been praying for you and your precious little baby. BTW-Love the name!! Love you guys!


so fun. i love that you boy-ed out your blog already... :)

Angela Murray

Love the new "Asher" look of your blog! With a son of my own, I know that you are having several floods of joy throughout the day and may even be finding yourself saying the words "son" and "boy" over and over again, as if it saying it will let it completely sink in that you are the Mother of baby boy :o)

Rejoicing with you still!

By the way, my boy is five and I don't know how those football mama's do it either :o) God bless `em!

Kelly B

We are just rejoicing with you guys and can't wait to share the update with our church body tonight!!!

We'll be still be praying for Asher and his sweet parents...for strength and for the wisdom of the staff that will continue to care for you and for Asher!!!

Kimberly Penny

Doug and I are rejoicing with you guys! We will continue to pray for sweet baby Asher!

Elizabeth Ladd

Dan and Casey, I can't tell you how excited I was when I got the note yesterday saying that you had updated the blog. I knew that we'd finally know how to pray for "baby chapel" by name. And what a wonderful name! Blessed, Happy. Two things that I have always thought of when I think about you two guys :) I'm continuing to pray for your and Dan's strength going through the next few weeks as you prepare for Asher to come and for him to come home!!!!!!

julie sylvester

dan & casey- we truly have been rejoicing with you! we have checked your blog almost everyday for updates to see just how God has been working all over this situation. He is worthy to be praised! I'm thankful for how I've seen God's amazing grace covering the both of you. your faith has proven true again and again, even though i am sure it has been through much tears and pain. you are a blessing to every single person that is a reader of your blog and to the body of christ. we love you guys and are excited to see how God continues to thrill us with himself in the way He works wonders! Sit tight baby Asher, your God has you tightly in His hands. May you know Him as your great healer and treasure soon and very soon!

Rachel Larson

Woo Hoo! So fun to hear you're having a boy! I love, love, love your name choice, too!!

Lord, may you continue your forming of little Asher in your perfect way for his life. May his life be one of love for and praise of You. Amen!

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