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August 04, 2008


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Katie Williams

PRAISE GOD!! Will continue to pray!!

Dana Cordell

you always seem to encourage me, sister. I am right beside you in prayer.

Thanks for keeping us posted. I think about you all throughout the day.

As for everyone thinking it is a girl...well...who knows. My boys had kind of fast heart rates. Regardless, you will know soon! Yeah! No more of this "baby chappell" talk- I'm ready to call this baby by it's name!

we love you and dan so dearly!


sue and alan reitter

Wow!....i'm soooo amazed at what our wonderful God is doing in all our lives through this journey with you....i haven't felt the need to fast for a very long time, but wanted Him to show me how i can pray for and lift all three of you up with the amnio and results....praise Him that the amnio went so well and that we'll be meeting a beautiful, long haired bambino very soon...(from the heartbeat, i'm betting on a baby girl!)...i'm going to keep on praying that the trisomy, spine and heart are fine...and continue to thank God for allowing me to join you guys in this journey with Him...i too pray with desparate anticipation, knowing that He will answer in glorious ways i can't even fathom yet....i just wish i could be there to hug you...i love you so much...

Kelly B

we're just praying for you and thinking about you guys!!! I praise God for your strength through Him and for your testimony through this challenging time....what a testimony you have been to all of us!!!


so glad you got to see your sweet baby again. Also glad there were some people there to be supportive. I will continue to pray.

Summer Owens

Continuing to pray much for your sweet family!!

Love to you three!!!

kari breed

was up a bunch last night with little one and God laid you on my heart continually! Casey, i've never prayed for you so much in one night :) prayed for your peace as you slept the night before the amnio and for all you had in front of you in the day to come. thank you for letting us walk this road with you.

melissa pearce

praying for you all day. hope to speak with you soon. love melissa.


Dan & Casey,

I continue to pray for y'all and your sweet little one. I am so glad that the procedure itself went well today. Of course it's all "old lady folklore", but by that heart rate I am betting on a beautiful princess!


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