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August 13, 2008


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Summer Owens

Dan & Casey:

Thank you both so much for sharing. Asher is absolutely one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!!

We love you guys and continue to be much in prayer for you both.

Much love,

Wil and Summer

Cindy and Thom Asta

What a blessing to see your beautiful son's face and to hold him in your arms. I'm just so sorry you had to experience the joy and sorrow of being parents all at once. Thank you for these pictures. He is abolutely beautiful! Truly an angel...

sheila bierdeman

Dan and Casey,
I am so glad to be priveledged to see Asher's precious little face and hear how welcomed he was to our world. He is a dollbaby...I can see his daddy in him, but so much of you, too, Casey. That tuft of hair sticking up in the picture where he's lying on his back just made me want to reach out and touch his sweet head and smooth his hair for him. He looked all boy to me! No doubt! I heard from Jessica that you had a packed church to share your burden of grief with and I had already sent flowers to you before I knew your request. I hope they sent a live plant as I requested, something hope the florist gets the right message through the miles...
I will be praying for you and hope God will fill your empty arms with blessings until one day he gives you more children to love. I know with your nurturing spirits, God is going to love and restore many lives. I loved the story of the homeless woman...remember, "when we've done it unto the least of these we've done it unto Him". Did you see what happened? Oh, Asher is going to be a blessing for a long time to come. I hope you'll keep sharing with all of us out in cyberspace...God is being glorified by your willingness to live out loud, in front of the world's eyes. As we watch from afar, we can observe God's unseen Hands healing, loving, comforting, giving hope, grace and courage to you and to Dan on this journey through the Valley of the shadow of death. As you are comforted my faith is increased as well. I love ya'll...Sheila

Jennifer Gift

he is so beautiful! just like you two.

anastasia w.

I'm so glad you got to hold asher and cherish him for even those few moments. He is so very precious and he looks so restful and at peace. Such love emanates from the both of you and i pray deep joy will supersede the pain that you feel in this time knowing someday you will forever be with him.


These pictures are breaking my heart. And yet, it makes heaven seem all the more sweeter knowing there will be faces we've been wanting to see since conception and yet we are temporarily thwarted. I just want you to know that I will never ever forget you had Asher, no matter how many children you have in the future. May the Lord continue to carry you through this pain and comfort you and Dan.

Lance and Cindy Stuckey

He is absolutely perfect.

Ross and Shannon Bradley

What precious and breathtaking pictures...we are loving you, thinking about you, and praying for you today!!!
Ross and Shannon Bradley

Allison and Dennis Omondi

Thanks you guys for posting more pictures. I can't help the tears that are flowing...Handsome like his Daddy and Beautiful like his Mommy.I just want to kiss those sweet little cheeks. And I knew Casey's little boy had to have beautiful hair. I miss little Asher and I never even got to meet him. Praying for you guys especially today and in the days that come. Wish we could be there for the memorial service today. We love you.

Sharron Thornburg

Dan and Casey,
My heart is bleeding for you yet rejoicing that Asher is with the Lord. We are looking foward to seeing the both of you tomorrow at the memorial service. Hopefully we'll get to speak,but I imagine there will be so many people that you won't be able to speak to everyone. Just remember that Richard and I have continued to have you in our prayers and will continue to do so. I know the Lord is going to use this and 3 of you for some special reason. And also I'm sure he's going to bless you with more children. But Casey I just have to tell you that if you put a mustasche on little Asher, he just might look somewhat like Dan. Just kidding. Love ya all and hope to see you tomorrow.
Richard and Sharron Thornburg

Dee Dee Rauscher

He IS beautiful. What difficult but sacred moments.
Praying for you in your pain.

kari breed

handsome little guy. man, we miss him. i love the hair- i knew it with all that heart burn you had :) and what a sweet little face! keep the pics coming.

Fran Clouser

Dan and Casey,
Asher is just beautiful. I am looking forward to coming and seeing you soon. We are coming back this Sunday The 17th. Will try to come some time next week. Have been praying for you all and for the memorial service to touch many as this blog and your family have.
Love to you all

Pam Freeth

He is breathtaking Beautiful!

Megan Matal

He is such a beautiful baby. You have been in my prayers since I began reading the blog about everything that has been happening. I've cried for both of you more than once. I know you are putting yourselves in the Father's arms though and I know He is hugging you both tight.
I am continuing to pray for you both and your beautiful family. Although this congratulations is bitter sweet, you deserve it.


Dan and Casey,
What a beautiful son! That first picture is completely gorgeous. Thank you for your transparency throughout this journey. I'm so sorry for the pain you are going through. You are both in my prayers these evening and throughout the day tomorrow as you face a difficult day of saying goodbye. Praise God for such a wonderful support system of family, friends, and an Almighty Father. XOXO.

Renata Dean

What a beautiful baby boy! Can't wait to celebrate with you in Heaven when you see him again!

Rusty and Ashley Ramsey

I cannot tell you how beautiful Asher is and how precious the three of you are! Our Wednesday night Bible Study is currently the book of Job, and I think of both of you and how I believe with all my heart, that the same God who chose to allow these circumstances will prevail and bless you with more than you could ever imagine! You have an amazing testimony, that I know was not by choice, but that will reach out and touch the lives of so many people. Thank you for allowing God to shine through you! I know you are both so very hurt and confused and I am heavily burdend for you. We think about and pray for you each day. As a mom myself I understand the overwhelming love that you have for your child and nothing will ever replace that! Hold on to God with all you have, He will never let go! Treasure eachother and the special love that only a husband and wife and parents have! We are here for you and will continue to pray with you and for you even after you are able to stand again! Much love to all 3 of you! May God bless and be with you, as I know you have a very long day tomorrow!
Rusty and Ashley

tiffany Flamm

beautiful is such an inadequate word to describe Asher...stunning. gorgeous. precious. loved. missed.

Marty and Jen Miller

Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Asher was absolutely precious. May God comfort you and encourage you during this time and always.

Kellie Franks Fowler

Oh, how beautiful.

I teach at WCA... as well as used to attend there. I remember Dan.. I was friends with his sister Beth.

I have followed your "story" through school and had lost your blog. Thankfully, they sent it again this past week with an email. I have prayed for you all. May God cover you with His peace and comfort at this time. What precious pictures.... they will forever be dear to your heart. Just know we are praying.


Wow! What a beautiful family. Your photos are overwhelming and heart-warming.

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