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August 11, 2008


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Katherine Jones

Dear Casey and Dan,

I am a friend of Danny and Kari Breed. I am so sorry to hear of your loss but incredibly encouraged to see your faith! What a testimony to the world...hope that doesn't make sense in the midst of tragedy. I am thankful that Christ has come and met you in the midst of this incredibly painful time. I am praying for you guys.

Katherine Jones


Dan & Casey,

Just wanted to let you know you are both in our thoughts & prayers. May God continue to give you strength and comfort over the coming days,weeks,months and years. You have truely been a blessing to me through your blog and I want to say thank you for that. You are both very strong Christians and you have touched so many lives through your testimony for Him. May God continue to give you the grace to sustain each day. God Bless you and your precious Angel Asher!

The Monier Family

Eric and I continue to pray for you though we've never formally met.

The Monier Family

Eric and I continue to pray for you though we've never formally met.

Megan Penner

Dear Dan and Casey -- I write through a flood of tears, imagining what you all are going through right now -- physically, emotionally, in every way. And yet it is so evident that you are caught up in that peace that passes all understanding, knowing that Jesus was with Asher when he went to his arms, knowing that Jesus is with you both. I praise God and worship Him; I lift you both up in prayer for continued comfort; I thank Him for your many friends and support. You have deeply touched our lives. God has used you greatly in the midst of your grief. I will continue to pray for you both. I will not forget in the coming months and year to pray for you. In Christ's Relentless Affection, Megan

Rosa Ahumada

I just got an email telling me what went on. I just want to say that you are turly a strong woman. I wish you and your family the best. Take care.


Lee Ann

I am so sorry to hear that Asher is no longer w/you. Last August 17th, my son was stillborn because of Triploidy, which also included an omphalcele and many other problems.

I was encouraged recently when I heard Mary Beth Champman say that she told her friends that on her darkest days, when she feels herself falling, she eventually lands. Not always upright, but she lands. She said this tells her that there is a foundation.

I pray that in these upcoming days, months and years that on those dark days, when you feel your world falling apart, the grief overwhelming you, and yourself falling that you will be caught by the Sure Foundation.

andie wade

casey, we're praying for you and dan ceaselessly. what a beautiful child. thank you for fighting so hard for his precious little life. what a wonderful gift you gave him... life warm and safe in his mommy and then life complete with Christ! i can't begin to understand your sorrow. i can only share in such a small part of it. but i'm so glad your faith is so founded and strong and you have such awesome support surrounding you. what a great testimony to the world.

Courtney Johnson Luethy

Hi Dan and Casey. I went to Wake Christian while Dan was there and was a few grades behind him. I just wanted to let you know our family is praying for you all. I know I cannot understand your pain and grief but I am thankful that you know the God of all Comfort and that He will sustain you day by day! Also, I noticed that you are a Selah fan. Don't know if you know Angie and Todd Smith's story but they have been going through the same thing this summer. Here is her blog...I know she would love to hear from you when you feel like it.

Prayers and Blessings to you!
Courtney Johnson Luethy
Dr. Bob and Faye Johnson (my parents send their prayers too)


thanks so much for sharing that Casey! I cannot even imagine the pain you and Dan are feeling. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.


Casey, I thank you that even in the middle of tears and pain that you can show us the joy that you found in becoming and being Asher's mommy. I am anxiously awaiting photos of him and cannot wait to see his curly hair.


Dan and Casey-We don't know each other, I too am a friend of a friend. Your journey has touched my life and I pray that the Lord will embrace you, and you Him as you learn to live again. Please know you are being saturated in prayer and that little Asher is in the arms of the Savior and that he will rejoice in seeing you again in glory.
In His love,
Jennifer Stevens

Toni Reitter

Casey - I have no words... know that I love you and that I wish that I could fly down there and be there to comfort you! I will continue to pray and will stop what I'm doing on Thursday and remember all of you during the service!

Asher holds a special place in all of our hearts, and will be there forever.

Angela Gilbreath

Dear Casey and Dan,

You two are so amazing. I am in awe of how God has used this trial to refine and strengthen you both.

Casey, I have watched and learned from your talent in photography. You have a special gift to make beauty in things most of us would have never seen. You've done it again in this sistuation. I see the beauty of the Lord at work though you and Dan. I am in awe of our Lord and worship Him through this valley with you.

It is also wonderful to see the body of Christ reaching out to love and support you through this time. Our church is and will continue to lift you and Dan up as you continue to walk daily in the Lord. Our prayer is that some doctor, nurse or hospital staff will witness this and come to the saving knowledge of Christ through the testimony of Asher's life.

We will continue to pray that God grants you peace and comfort as you continue on.

We love you so much!!!!!

Angela and Larry Gilbreath

kari breed

d&c-looking forward to celebrating and grieving with you guys at the memorial service. we had one for baby Isaac too. it was soooo healing and GOOD. can't wait to see a pic of that beautiful baby's face!!!!

we miss you so much baby Asher. Enjoy JESUS little one. we are jealous that you beat us to Jesus. i know He has scooped you up, bouncing you on His knee, and is being the perfect Father to you.


Dan and Casey,

I am amazed and the grace of God evident in your lives. I cant wait to see how the Lord will work in you and through you through your loss.

I'm looking forward to the pictures!


Jessica Emmer Cobb

Casey and Dan,

I love you both so much and my heart aches for the loss of your baby boy. I wish so much that I could make it up there on Thursday, but please know I am with you in Spirit and praying for you and the family. God knew you would be the perfect parents for this sweet little one, and to see you glorify Him through the pain and grief is such a testament to how God carries us through the toughest times with peace and comfort that only His Spirit can provide.

I thank you so much for creating this blog site to share Asher's journey. As I sit here sobbing at work, I can't imagine the emotions you are going through as parents right now. Thanks be to our LORD God Almighty that through our Savior Jesus we will all be reunited one day in Heaven, where you will get to hold your perfect little Asher and dance in joy with him around the throne of God!

With much love and the peace of Christ,
Jessica Emmer Cobb

P.S. I can't wait to see the pics of your handsome baby boy!

Amber Greenlees

Casey and Dan,

Reading your words takes me back six and a half years ago to when our CJ was born into the arms of Jesus. My heart aches for you both. I have thought the same thoughts about having many visitors and amazing support. We wouldn't have made it through without the love and support of God's people. I can tell you that you do get through. God is amazing! I just want you to know that we are praying for you both. We love you!

Joe and Amber

Lance and Cindy Stuckey

Dearest Dan and Casey--
We love you and mourn with you over this time of sadness and loss, but we are so happy you were able to hold and love on your sweet baby Asher. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

"But let all who take refuge in You be glad,
Let them ever sing for joy;
And may You shelter them,
That those who love Your name
may exult in You." -- Psalm 5:11

Rachel Owens

So wish we could be at the service Thursday. Know that you are in our prayers often and we are there in spirit. I even had a friend tell me last night she's been praying for you though she doesn't know you. Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly. God is glorified. May He continue to be your strength each new hour.

Jon and Julie Ferguson

Wow! Do you realize how many lives you have touched? God's grace is so good. I could not imagine going through life without HIM! I have not experienced this kind of loss myself but I walked side by side with Ashley when her little one passed. You will smile again! I have not stopped praying for you and last night when we were doing our family devotions, Caleb prayed for you and Dan. His prayer was so sweet. We love you and we will see you soon!

Elizabeth Cooper

Thank you so much for opening your heart for all to see. It's such a testament to God's grace. I pray and hope that you will continue to find comfort in the Lord and heal physically and emotionally from your loss. Know that others such as me completely understand what you are going through and that it does get better.

Kitchen Elf

You don't know me, but I am a friend of a friend. Please allow me to extend the most sincere condolences on your loss.

I have stood in your shoes. Please, always talk of him as much as anyone else who has lived in your family and been part of your life. Don't ever stop because some others may become uncomfortable. God alone, right now, knows why He did what He did ... but it will be for some special reason.

You have my deepest prayers. Please hug each other.

Dana Foster

Thanks so much for once again opening your heart & pouring out your emotions on the page to help all of us understand where you guys are at right now. I really appreciate your willingness to share so much of your emotional & spiritual state so that we can rejoice in the Peace that passes all understanding & Grace of our God that the spirit is filling you with. Please continue to tell us specific needs you want us to pray for as you walk this unfathomable road. You & Dan's testimony through all of this has been inspiring & as I read your posts I am constantly reminded of what an awesome God we serve. Thank you for showing us all how to praise God through immense suffering & to glorify his name even when we do not understand his ways. We love you & are praying for you both as our hearts ache for your suffering & rejoice that Asher is with the Father.

Pax Lattimore

This is to honor your precious family....

In An Instant:

God decided to allow you to participate with Him in creation.
God chose you to be the parents of Asher Daniel Chappell.

You rejoiced in the good news of the highest calling.
You were excellent in the fulfilling of your duties.

He was born and your prayers were answered.
He was held by his parents and prayed over.

God was glorified.
You were faithful.
He fulfilled His purpose.
In an instant.

The Mom of one of your football sons. #34

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