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August 05, 2008


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Angela Gilbreath

AWESOME!!!!!! Oh we are so excited for you guys. How GREAT is our God!!!! We will continue to pray for Asher as the time approaches for his birth.

Just as a fyi. Asher is on our short list for boys names. :)

Traci Rafferty

With tears in my eyes I can not tell you how overjoyed I am. Praising God and having sweet hope. Also, I blogged about your sweet baby. Stop by if you get a chance to read it.

Becky Holloway

Found your blog through mutual friends (Mark and Rachel Owens). Thank you for your powerful testimony to the goodness of God. Praying for complete healing and perfect peace as you face the future.
Becky Holloway


how wonderful. so happy to hear this wonderful news. congrats on your little boy!!! I will continue to pray for you!!

Allison and Dennis Omondi

Bwana Asifiwe!! Mungu ni Mwema Sana!!!! (Praise the Lord! God is sooooo good) My heart leaps with Joy and my mouth can't help but shout both in Swahili and English. You should be able to hear me from across the ocean!!! My prayer has been that those docs and nurse and techs and genetic counselors would stand in AWE at how GOOD and GRACIOUS and AMAZING our God is!! We love you and continue to praise and seek the Lord with you. The Omondis

Julie Mils

What an awesome testimony to those doctors for you two sticking with your convictions and giving little Asher a chance at life - God has blessed you and granted you (and Asher) mercy with the initial test results! I'm so excited for you that you finally have some good news to share! One less thing to worry about for the time being! Now you can finally enjoy getting that nursery all set up for your sweet little boy! We're still praying for you as the day quickly approaches for you to finally meet Asher!

Abbey Cooler

WOW! Casey I love the name Asher! It means the "women of the town will rejoice and call me happy"! I am truely rejoicing with you and Dan! Praise God for good results too! Your faith is amazing and has definitley strengthened me!



Congratulations!! We are so excited for you guys.We are praying that things continue to go well and praising God for the wonderful news that you recieved!!!

Christine @ Live to Learn

That is amazing! I have been following your blog for awhile now and praying for your family. I can't even remember how I found your blog but I have been blessed by your faith.
Come visit us over at our blog if you want to.
Christine @ Live to Learn

Benita Wells

God is So Good! I rejoice in your news. Asher is so lucky to have parents like you two!

Benita Wells

God is So Good! I rejoice in your news. Asher is so lucky to have parents like you two!


Oh sweet Asher we love you! We are worshipping God more as a result of this journey and the outcomes that keep revealing his mercy, his power and his goodness - it gives the church great boldness in all God is for us in Jesus when we witness his saints under trail and his plans bringing glory to himself. THANK YOU for letting the Lord shine through you! Praying for ya'll...


Glory to God. This make us all encouraged. May His mighty arm keep you close. This is wonderful news. I am already thanksgiving for things to come. The sovereignty of the trumps everything!

Sharron Thornburg

Ain't God great!! I'm so glad to hear that Asher is doing much better and will probably (with God's healing touch) be a fine speciman of Dan!! Ha,Ha!
I can just imagine you both being parents. That will be wonderful and I'm sure tht God is going to bless.
I couldn't keep from crying the entire service the last time Dan preached at Forest Park. I'm sure he thought I was crazy. But my tears were touching God as yours does and everyone elses. I know there have been plenty of tears and prayers going up to God and He's going to bless in a mighty way. He is still in the Miracle business.
Keep us informed.
We Love ALL of you and may God bless,
Richard and Sharron Thornburg

Sharron Thornburg

Praise God for the good news and baby Asher. I'm so proud of both of you and Asher. I'm positive God is working through him to show that miracles still happen. Praise God.
When Dan was at the church last Sunday (Forest Park) I could do nothing but pray and cry the whole sermon. I'm sure he thought I was crazy.
We'll continue to pray for you as a family and that Asher will grow stronger each day. Remember that you're not in a valley, you are only changing mountain tops.
Keep us informed.
Love all of you,
Richard and Sharron Thornburg


Hi, there, I am so excited for you! Praise the Lord! A friend of mine shared the link to your page with me b/c I'm going through a similar situation in my pregnancy. I haven't done the amnio yet either, though they all want me too. I plan to wait on that for now since our baby is at 27 weeks. We did get some really good news on the heart; so i'm wondering if they will still think our baby has Trisomy 13 0r 18.
I will keep you in prayers right along with ours. =) Rejoicing with you!
Jody & Kris Abernathy

toni reitter

oh and your music thing just scared me half to death, was not expecting music! LOL that's what I get for having my speakers turned all the way up!

toni reitter

PRAISE GOD! What awesome news! I'm sure you both are overjoyed! First hurdle done and over with.

and I LOVE the name you've got picked out (with the first two initials of A.D. I had to think of your dad, Casey... ;))

Praise God!!!!w00t!

Michelle Meek

Oh Casey,
I am just bawling right now. Madeline told me earlier about your great news and I told her and Jessie, "Well if you never see another one, you just saw a miracle!!!" I am so so happy for you and Dan and Baby Asher of course. I am not that faithful of a prayer warrior, but I want you to know that God has been faithful to you by bringing you to my heart and mind many, many times a day and night to pray for you and Asher.
I am just overjoyed for you...Praise be to the One who loves us enough to not only listen to our prayers, but desire them.... I cannot stop crying....So much love your way from our whole family....Michelle


What a great God! I am thrilled by this news! I love you and Asher very much! Everyone in the shop will be so excited to hear the news and praise God for His goodness.

Lorraine, David, and Sophia

Wow, As I prayed at 10:30 our night time, your morning of the procedure, I knew it! I knew he would answer! And I have such little faith, seriously. His love is amazing. Your testimony is awesome, and I haven't stopped smiling. Praying still that you guys would continue to abide in His word and trust Him for what he will do through Asher Daniel (LOVE the name).

Christy Campbell

WOOT! WOOT! Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray and wait with anticipation to see what God will do next. What an amazing testimony God is writing in your lives right now. We love you! The Campbells

Sharon Shiver

I haven't been on here in awhile but, it doesn't mean I haven't been praying for yall, Becky keeps us updates. By the way all the songs you have on here are some are my fav. Anyways, I thought and prayed for you a lot while we were on our mission trip in Alaska. You come from a beautiful state!!!! Not much longer before your sweet little boy gets to have his birthday party!!! We are very excited for yall.

Love ya,
Sharon and Dave

Matt and Lindsey Brogli

Praise our awesome God who does not submit to the whims and limited knowledge of HIS creation, but instead supplies for HIS children with HIS unfathomable mercy! We are so excited for you three!

Melanie Mann

God is so good! Praise the Lord for the wonderful news. Asher Daniel...what a name! We love you all and are continuing to lift you all up in prayer especially with the C-section in a few weeks.

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