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July 13, 2008


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kari breed

with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face i said outloud, "casey chappell you're such a good mommy."


how sweet. It will be something you can treasure forever.

Steve Wright

What an incredible letter. This world really isn't our home.



Praying for you and your little one Casey.
Friend of Angela Gilbreaths.

Amber Greenlees

I love this letter. i am praying for the three of you as you travel this road with our Lord.


donna b

casey that is so so so sweet! loved it. still praying!


Casey and Dan, what a blessing it is to watch you both handle this very difficult situation with grace and hope, with a reverance for the divine, with strength that is surely a gift from our loving Father. I pray that this child will be reading this letter when he or she is a mother/father themselves. Much much love to you both.

Pam Freeth

Casey, Your letter is beautiful... I wrote to Olivia alot and it very good to read them now. I have been praying for your baby and I feel everyday a prayer is being answered. We pray that your little fighter keeps fighting and that you have a long long life together. Every second, minute hour, year... is precious.

melissa pearce

thank you for posting this, Casey. Thank you for being open and vulnerable and letting GOd work through this whole pregnancy. We pray for you all and can't wait to meet baby chappell!

Angela Murray

This will be a beautiful gift to your child on his/her graduation!

God bless you new friend!!


Love this... And that baby so much

~aunt nicole


Thils is a truly beautiful letter to your little one. We continue to pray with you that God will give you much time with his precious gift of this baby.
Love to you both,
Fran and Tom Clouser

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