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July 14, 2008


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Just wanted to share something I found after my miscarriage that really touched me:

" If He bids us carry burden, He carries it also".

Steve Wright


You guys are in our hearts and in our prayers.

Thank you for ministering to me with this post.


Matt Brogli

Dan and Casey,
Lindsey and I have been praying for a strengthening of faith for you and also for the health of your precious little one for weeks. After talking to Jon and Julie and figuring out who exactly you were, it made it that much easier to know what to pray. Reading your blog has been convicting and encouraging to keep updated about the baby and to see your hearts through your words. I'm sorry that we'll miss you guys this weekend!

Angela Murray

I just came by to check in and see if you had posted any updates. We are praying for you here in the Murray clan still; daily. We prayed for each one of you tonight during the kids' bedtime prayers.

Your strength is amazing.

~Praying peace for you tonight,

Kelly Gaudinier

Hi guys, I thought posting would be much more involved and didn't leave comments in the past due to my fear of starting "another acct" that I would forget the password to! I just wanted to thank you for your frankness in this blog. It is so exciting to see people going through the very death to self that the New Testament speaks about, all the while keeping their eyes on the prize. What a glorious testimony you have and praise God you are walking in the Spirit in the midst of these trials. I had to tell you how encouraged I am by the two of you yielding to our creator!
Also wanted to let you know I have put the word out for anyone with a condo, garage apartment, etc to contact me. Sissy said you wanted to come down the first week of August, is that right? If all else fails you are welcome to come and stay in my husbands music studio. We have converted our detached garage into the studio, it is air conditioned but does not have it's own bathroom. You would have to come into the house for that. We have two queen size air mattresses you could use also (either one on top of the other or side by side).
We love you and are grateful for the time we have gotten to spend with you two. Thank you also for the GREAT haircut you gave Kendrick. I watched that video the other day and am trying to pick up some pointers... And I still watch the slide show of Nadia and Kendrick. Golly any child of yours is going to have volumes of photos, and all of them wonderful! I wish I could take pictures of that caliber! Thank you for your many kindnesses to us.
Blessings beyond measure-

Sharon Wilson

Dan & Casey,
I truly cannot imagine what you are feeling at this time. Your strength is amazing, a true testimony to your faith.
Knowing about loss, it's hard to accept the path that God sometimes chooses, but I do believe that in all things it is "for our good and for His glory"! Even though we are not able to see in the future, we have no clue today how God will use a situation, how lives will be changed. Healing can be happening at this very moment, and God will receive all the praise. If he chooses to heal your precious baby another way, God will still be praised!
"God is our refuge and strength. a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed." Psalms 46:1&2
May you be strengthened daily as you wait upon the Lord.

Looking forward to seeing you at church the next two weeks!
Love in Christ,
Sharon Wilson

Jon and Julie Ferguson

Dan and Casey,
We are so looking forward to you guys coming up this weekend and next. Just know that we are continuing to pray for you. We believe that no matter what, God will be given the glory. I could think of no other couple more deserving of a true miracle than you two. The faith that you two have displayed is simply amazing. There is no telling how many people will be touched by your experience and the two of you sharing your life! See you soon!

Jon and Julie

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