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July 11, 2008


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Katie Williams

Go Dan! I love how you guys are standing your ground with the doctors...we are praying for you every night!! Katie, Lawson & the boys

Larissa Douglas

Wow! I am sure it is exhausting to be poked and prodded for hours! We will pray you are able to be refreshed and rested for the delivery even with all the tests and doctor's appointments and more then ever for this little one!! We continue to pray and rejoice that you two have been made parents!

Many Blessings!

Summer Owens

Casey and Dan:

Continuing to pray for the three of you. Praise God for giving you such strong and powerful words!! Your lives are such a blessing, and are a wonderful testimony of the grace and power of God!!

Toni Reitter

Just wanted to let you know that I've been giving updates to a couple of groups I know for prayer. I figure the more the better, eh?

*hugs* God is already using your little one in a powerful way, and I praise God that He is able to speak through the both of you to the doctors and nurses and people around you as you deal with all of this news!

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