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July 25, 2008


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stephanie carroll

Casey -

I found your blog through POH. I have just spent the last half hour reading through some of your blogs which have taken me back to my pregnancy. I wanted to encourage your to continue to trust in God's goodness. I have a 7 month old daughter who is every day a testimony to God's goodness and compassion in our lives. When I was 20 weeks pregnant, we were told that she had Dandy Walker Syndrome and hydrocephalus. They also thought she had a chromosomal abnormaility. We spent our entire pregnancy going back and forth to see different specialists. We were given grim a grim prognosis and at one point given the option to abort. Well - when she was born - they could find no evidence of the Dandy' Walker cyst or the hydrocephalus. To this day, the doctors cannot explain what happened, but we know that the Lord poured out His grace on our daughter's life. Though she has some other birth defects and the doctors think she may have an underlying genetic disorder, we continue to see the Lord's goodness in our lives. I know that sometime the Lord chooses to heal and other times He does not. She has some other medical issues that were not "healed" but I know the Lord has a reason for that. It has been a long road already and I know there are many challenges to come, but it has been a sweet road at the same time. I just wanted to encourage you, one mother to another - who is also dealing with the unknown health of her chlid. These children are such special gifts from the Lord and He has found favor upon you to entrust you with this precious baby. Praise the Lord of that sweet baby inside of you. Trust in His goodness - even when things look grim. I will be praying for you and checking your blog. Please feel free to email me if you ever need anything.


Scott and Angie Lerew

HI Dan and Casey,

I read your last update and we are continuing to pray for you every day. We know our God is an Awesome God and he will tend to you as he has planned. Please know that all you have to do is ask and we would be more than happy to support you in anyway possible. Know that we love you and you are in our thoughts daily.

Luv Scott and Angie

sue and alan reitter

our ladies prayer group (joy, chris, marge, karen and i) prayed for all three of you this morning....alan and i are praying each day that God will sustain you, give you peace and wisdom, and that your little munchkin will be safe in his mama's womb until time to be born...we will be so excited to hear if it will be a boy or a! august 27th will be a very special day!...thanks for sharing all of this with us...we love you more than words can say...enjoy your time together with the Lord and just rest in Him.


I will be praying that little baby chapell stays in for a few more weeks :) I will also be praying that the amnio goes well and that it will give the doctors more insight and also hopefully give you more peace. Big hugs to you!!

Angela Gilbreath

Thanks for keeping us posted. You and Dan continue to be in our prayers. Our church prays for you too. I hope it brings you comfort to know so many are lifting you, Dan and your precious baby up to the Lord. Have a great Vacation and know you are loved.

toni reitter

Thanks for the updates, was just wondering if/when you would post again! *hugs* love you both! Happy bday, Dan!

toni reitter

Thanks for the updates, was just wondering if/when you would post again! *hugs* love you both! Happy bday, Dan!


Is your mom coming out to be with you? I know it sounds silly, but I feel better knowing you have a Moma there! All my love and prayers to you dear sister. Would you be willing to set up a time when I could call you? I would love to pray with you over the phone. Facebook me! Love, Elizabeth

melissa pearce

thanks for the update guys. Look forward to hearing more and hope you have a wonderful time at the beach!! Happy birthday Dan!

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