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June 10, 2008


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Andrea Patterson

Dan and Casey,

Your opening verse says it all, "I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Please hang on to this fact and to the Almighty Creator and know that you all are in my prayers.



Casey and Dan,
I want you to know that I am and will be praying for you. Like Kevin and Melinda, we, also, had the ultrasounds and triple screen come back with risk factors of Down's and also declined an amnio while pregnant with Emma. We left it up to God and she was born with no problems. I just want you to know that you are very loved and I will be thinking of you and praying for you and your family. If there is anyone strong enough for this, it's you, Casey.

Kevin and Melinda Crouch

Casey and Dan,

We had a somewhat similar experience when Melinda was pregnant with John Michael. The doctors said he was at high risk for Down Syndrome and heart defects, and encouraged us to do invasive testing on him. They were perplexed when we decided not to have the amnio; like you, we had issues with putting our baby in danger just to know some information. In our case, the screenings were incorrect, and John Michael was born healthy. However, he would have still been a gift from the Lord no matter what his health situation would have been. We will be praying for you and this precious little baby. May the Lord give you both strength to persevere in this difficult time. Love, Kevin and Melinda Crouch


I cannot possibly imagine what you and Dan are going through right now, but I do know that the Lord is going through it all with you. James and I will continually keep you and Dan and the baby in our prayers. I'll also be asking my co-workers and friends to be praying for you all.


Oh Friend,

We will lift our hearts to our Father. He is an awesome God. I can think of all these very encouraging things to say, that through e-mail, or blogging sound so shallow. So I will let you know that we will pray. We will Pray for God to use this time of your clinging to him to help you grow and seek his shelter. We will pray that God would provide healing this little life. And we will pray that God will send people to minister to you and to bless you. And I will pray that God will give you peace to allow people to care for you. Let them. It makes us feel better to be the hands and feet of Jesus...don't deny us that blessing. I wish I was there, to hold your hand, give you a hug, put my hand on that baby bump and pray. But for today, I will pray from far-away. Know that you all are being lifted up, for we are daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD! Elizabeth & Family

Christy Campbell

Casey and Dan,

We will be praying for you guys as you face this tough time. If there is anything more we can do, don't hesitate to call us. We love you! Ryan and Christy Campbell

Jennifer Cox

Dan and Casey,
Your blog saddened my heart as I am reminded of the pain and unsurity this life can bring. But I was also so encouraged by how the grace of God is so evident in your lives during this time. Please know that we are praying for you and the baby every day. Let us know if you need anything and we'll be there. We love you all!

Julie & Dan Miles

I found your site through a friend of mine on Facebook. I will certainly be keeping your family and the baby in our prayers. Our 10mo. old son was diagnosed prenatally with a heart defect (I know I don't like the word either) and has to have a total of 3 heart surgeries to correct the problem. He's already had 2 surgeries and is doing great. His first surgery was when he was 2 days old so I know the range of emotions you are and will eventually be facing as your sweet little baby goes in for surgery so soon after being born. You'll be amazed at the amount of strength God will give you to pull through this! Look us up on Facebook if you want to talk - we're here for you!

Sara Wulbecker Hess

Wow. Praying for you all. I'm 32 weeks and can't even imagine how hard this must be. What an adventure God has hand picked for you. At a wedding shower last week I met a girl who had a baby with this same thing. I will call her and get all the info I can for you. Loves to you and the baby inside you. Praying with all my heart. Sara

Amanda and Robert Willis

Casey and Dan-

I was wondering why I woke up last night and thinking about you? No really, it did happen and I prayed for you and went back to sleep. I have no reason at all why God does that, but He does with me sometimes. Casey, I know how excited you were talking about your ultrasound just the other day when I saw you and now there must be such a mix of emotions, just remember emotions come and go, but God remains constant! (that sounds like something a very wise hair dresser said to me once :) Love you Casey, Amanda Willis

Kelly B

Hey Casey and Dan,
I've been watching your blog for updates in your pregnancy, since I heard you were pregnant. Thank you for sharing this request with us and for being so transparent.... I pray that knowing that others are praying for you, you will feel His strength and peace. And this is a very special baby for you guys, so treasure these moments of carrying him/her and keeping him/her close. We'll be praying for you and will spread the request through my blog, so my friend and family can pray for you as well.

Larissa Douglas

Will and I both have been thinking and praying for you guys. We do not understand this road you are traveling but are so encouraged by your honest faith, although it is being tested! We will be praying and our small group is praying to. This baby has been such a source of rejoicing no matter the future, we especially rejoice to know you and Dan will be parents. We love you both very much and miss you a lot too. I hope Will and Dan can get a chance to talk soon. We love you!!


Cheryl Schoenling

Casey, I will be praying for you and Dan and this precious little one. I'll be checking back to see how y'all are doing.

Much love,

Lorraine Coker

Casey and Dan,
I cried as I read your post. And words aren't enough now, but our God is enough, this you know. Your post was so encouraging to my heart, so convicting. Thank you for being one who continually says 'Blessed Be His Name' through trial and triumph. David and I will continue to pray for you three, and we will have people on the other side of the world praying also: Lord, give the Chappell's your wisdom and grace, comfort their hearts with your steadfast love, and help them to abide in you. Amen.
we love you guys. David, Lorraine, and Sophia

Ginger DeBusk

My heart breaks for you and I can not imagine the emotions you are having. Know that our family is praying for all three of you and that the peace of God would overwhelm and comfort you in this incredibly difficult time.

Ginger DeBusk

My heart breaks for you and I can not imagine the emotions you are having. Know that our family is praying for all three of you and that the peace of God would overwhelm and comfort you in this incredibly difficult time.

Abbey Cooler

Hey Casey,

Just know that in all things God works together for good and He will give you the strength to get through it, even if you think you can't. Our family went through a similiar trial about three years ago with my brother and sister in laws first son, Tucker. If you need anyone to talk to that understands a little bit how you feel just please give me a call or email me and let me know. I love you and I am praying for you and Dan

Abbey Medcalf Cooler:)

Miranda Martin

Wow guys, I will be praying so much. I am encouraged even at the strength I sense you have now by God's grace. With hard things (something I am learning as I walk through a very difficult time...) I don't always understand why it has to be this way but God has promised to be with me and to show me more of himself, this is hopeful. I will be praying you will know he is walking with you and it will bring comfort when your heart is tempted to doubt his goodness. Love you guys.

Alicia Wong

Casey and Dan,

Please know that you and baby Chappell will be prayed for continuously. Love you guys. Big hug.

Toni Reitter

Casey (and Dan) - I can't put into words how I feel reading this news. Just know that I am praying for all three of you and that God will show Himself to you in a very real way and give you the Peace that Passes All Understanding.

Will be praying for you and will pass this on the prayer chain!

Andie Wade

i have tears in my eyes. these things are so hard to read. you, dan, and your precious little one are in our prayers. God will be glorified.


Praying for you. I can't even begin to imagine the emotions, questions, fears etc. Praying for peace that surpasses all understanding. Rest in Him. Your baby is loved and cared for by not only you and everyone else but by our Heavenly Father.

Miranda Bennett

Dear Casey,

First of all I want you to know that baby Chappell is being prayed for by our family. Everytime the Lord brings this baby to my mind I will pray for him/her and pray for your family. You are right in saying that our God is good and Big and this is under the sovereign care and rule of His hand, the same hand in which He will uphold you with. Is. 41 is one of my most favorite chapters in all of the word. He will give you the strength for the moment in which you need it. No need to think about tomorrow or what it will bring. His grace is sufficient for now, today. I pray that He will speak plainly and clearly to your heart and that you would know His presence and that He would comfort you in ways that you have never known before. I pray that He will be very real to you as you cry out to Him. I have not been in your situation and cannot imagine what you are going through and have great compassion for you and will seek to walk with your family through this in any way I can.

Your sister in Christ,

Bonnie Horton

My heart is breaking for you and Dan. I have no words, only know that you, Dan, and Baby Chappell are on my heart and in my prayers.



Hi Casey,
Im a friend of Angela Gilbreaths.. just wanted to let you know we will be praying for you and this precious babe... you seem to be handling it well.. and its comforting to see your strength through Christ.

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