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April 16, 2008


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Mrs. H

Just found your blog and I am starting from the beginning to catch up on your story... this post is amazing.
"But often He will work seemingly against our desires to work sanctification in our hearts in order that through suffering, trials, surprises, closed doors, and changes in our plans He might show Himself to be Sufficient and Strong in our lives and our only true source of Hope and Life." What a great quote! God has worked in ways recently in my life as well, which I would have never, ever wanted.

Larissa Douglas

It is funny how with each birth your perspective changes just a little! Great point about motherhood not being a cookie cutter experience! It is so dangerous I think as mothers to not get a little bit legalistic at times, my husband says it is because everyone sees our children and what we do with them, where as people don't see growth in prayer life and bible memorization or getting the best of our besetting sins. Motherhood is sanctifying, just like prentiss says in stepping heavenward I am paraphrasing; Each child that comes into a family serves to make the mother and father more selfless, more focused on what is really important and more like the Savior. So glad you and Dan are having this little one!!

Blessings and Love,

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